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Umasofia Srivastava Parents: Take a look at her age, parents, biography and Wiki.

The page says Umasofia Srivastava Parents, her biography, and her age. Learn more about Umasofia in the Wiki below.

On Wednesday, Umasofia Srivastava Parents, who won the title of Miss Teen USA in September 2023, surrendered it. This 17-year-old Indian-Mexican girl competed in Miss Teen USA 2023, a competition conducted in September in Reno, Nevada.

She represents New Jersey. To find out more about this in detail, scroll down. People from the United States were looking to get more details about the surrender of the title.

Why Did Umasofia Srivastava Leave Her Monarchy?

Umasofia announced her departure as Miss Teen USA in her Instagram post. She gave unclear, long-winded explanations for her resignation. “Thank you to all who have stood by me over the past two years. It proved to be an honour to stand beside you all,” she said as the comment.

Why Did Umasofia Srivastava Leave Her Monarchy

“Even though this was definitely not how I thought of my reign ending”. Umasofia is eager to carry on advocating for tolerance and higher education. She begins the college application process and shares some interesting new projects on That’s Fan Behaviour with the rest of those who will be sticking around.

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Umasofia Srivastava Parents and her Biography.

Pageant competitor UmaSofia Srivastava was born in Morris Plains, New Jersey, on June 5, 2007. She gained notoriety in 2023 after becoming the first Mexican-Indian candidate crowned Miss New Jersey Teen USA.

Apart from her momentous victory, UmaSofia works part-time at the Lotus Petal Foundation. It is an organization that provides healthcare and education. It also provides appropriate nutrition to underprivileged children in India. Her ultimate dream is to work as an ambassador for the UN. 

UmaSofia participated in Model UN while in school and founded the Campaign for Diversity & Inclusion campaign. 

On Wednesday, May 8, 2024, Uma Sofia also declared that she was giving up her title and crown after Miss USA’s announcement two days earlier that she was retiring.

What did Umasofia state in her post?

Every communication needed to go via Umasofia Srivastava’s Parents. Nothing ever changes with Miss USA, despite her parents’ monthly meetings with the Miss Universe Organization trying to change things. Nothing has changed at all, according to the close source.

She wrote, “After months of considering my options, I have decided to step down as Miss Teen USA 2023.” “My family members, my state executives, and the supporters who have encouraged me since I earned my state crown are all very special to me. I will always have happy memories of my period as Miss NJ Teen USA. It was an honour in and of itself to represent my home state at the national level as a first-generation Mexican-Indian American.”

Srivastava, the writer of the children’s book The White Jaguar. It is available in multiple languages. She promised to carry on her advocacy for “education and acceptance” through The Lotus Petal Organization and the Bridge of Books Association.

Umasofia Wiki.

Umasofia Wiki

Name Umasofia Srivastava
Born in the year June 5, 2007
Age 17 years
Place of Birth Morris Plains, New Jersey
Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2023
Miss Teen USA 2023
Height 5’6”
Weight 48kg
Ethnicity Latino / Hispanic, South Asian / Indian, White / European Descent

What is the organization’s response to the Umasofia decision?

The organization responded, “Umasofia, we appreciate you for having served as Miss Teen USA. We wish you all the best.” “We honour and concur with Umasofia’s choice to retire from her position. The health and welfare of our titleholders come first. We will shortly announce the new Miss Teen USA’s crowning. We are already going over plans for the transfer of responsibility to a successor.


On Wednesday, May 8, a young girl from New Jersey made her choice public on Instagram, stating that her “personal views are no longer completely match with the path of the group.”

So, she decided to step down as Miss Teen USA 2023. Umasofia Srivastava’s parents supported her decision. Know more on Umasofia online.

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