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Nikki Glaser Wife And Family 2024: Learn More About Comedian Worth

Read now, Nikki Glaser Wife And Family. Also, please get to know her net worth in 2024, her age, her husband’s name, her height, and her biography details here. 

Here, we have talked about Nikki Glaser Wife And FamilyNetizens from Worldwide want to know about her age and net worth.

Who are Glaser’s Parents & More?

Glaser’s parents are not celebrities. Her father’s name is Edward. J. Glaser, and her mother’s name is Julie. E. Glaser. The occupation and profession of her parents are unknown. They have made appearances on a show with Nikki. 

Nikki is a famous stand-up comedian and actress. She also does podcasts and hosts radio shows and television shows. She has been active since 2002. Nikki is still single. 

As per the last update, she was in a relationship with Chris Convoy. Chris also happens to be Nikki’s show Not Safe With Nikki Glaser’s co-creator. Nikki has been residing at St. Louis city’s central west end. 

Details about whether she is residing there with her boyfriend or not are not available. Nobody knows if Nikki is still dating Chris Convoy or not. 

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Nikki Glaser Wife And Family Details 

Nikki Glaser Wife And Family Details 

Full Name  Nicloe Rene Glaser
Popularly Known as:

Nikki Glaser

Date of Birth  1st June 1984
Place of Birth Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.
Age 39 years 
Nationality American
Parents  Edward. J. Glaser and Juile. E. Glaser
Siblings  A younger sister, Lauren
Schooling  Kirkwood High School
College  Initially, She studied at University of Colorado Boulder. Later at, University of Kansas
Profession Podcaster, Stand-up comedian, Television Host, Actor, and Radio Host
Marital Status  No details are available (Unmarried)
Spouse  Not details are available
Children  No children yet
Residence St. Louis city’s central west end (since 2022)
Dating She was dating Chris Convoy

Here is a link of official Wikipedia page of Nikki Glaser

Net Worth of Nikki Glaser

Net Worth of Nikki Glaser

Year  Nikki Glaser Net Worth (estimated)
2024  $4 Million 
2023  $3.1 Million 
2022 $2 Million (approximate)

In-depth details about her net worth are yet to be made available. No details related to her properties and investments are present. Here, we have provided details about Nikki Glaser Wife And Family.

What is Nikki’s Height & More?

Nikki Glaser is 5 feet and 7 inches tall, according to Biography. In the 2000s, Nikki Glaser’s career started, and she started doing standup comedy while she was in college. Her unique humorous style helped her establish a reputation for herself very fast. 

It combines observations on social and personal issues with self-deprecating humor. Her comedic accuracy and honesty have won her praise for standup specials, including Bangin’ and Perfect. Additionally, it strengthened her position in the cutthroat world of standup comedy.

Glaser has also successfully positioned herself in radio and television. She has hosted a number of television programs and standup specials, such as Nikki Glaser’s Not Safe. Comedy sketches, social experiments, and conversation were all incorporated into a thought-provoking and inventive style. 


Nikki Glaser is a successful standup comedian and an actress. Besides being a comedian, she also hosts radio, television shows and a producer. 

Nikki’s net worth is around $4 million. We have also provided details about Nikki Glaser Wife And Family. Nikki started in 2002 and today has self-titled shows. She struggled her way up and maintained her career. 

Nikki’s husband or boyfriend’s details are not available. All we know is that she used to date Chris Convoy. Nikki is thirty-nine years old. We have provided a link to her Wikipedia page.

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