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Law Roach Partner: Know The Celebrity’s Wiki & Networth 2024!

By reading this write-up, discover Law Roach Partner and what the celebrity stylist recently shared about his single status and lack of relationship history.

Examine the particulars here to see why Law Roach is so open concerning his private affairs and Law Roach Partner.


  • Law Roach explains his particular rationale for not “doing” friendships.
  • The retired renowned stylist revealed to his fans and people from the United Kingdom, the United States, and others that his personal life has never considered relationships a “highest priority.”
  • Zendaya has contributed much to her legacy and is known for her long-time association with her stylist, Roach.
  • People often associate the fashion icon with her stylist and title her Law Roach Partner, yet they do not share a romantic relationship and collaborate for style and fashion.

Law Roach Partner:

Law Roach recently shared some facts about the reason for being single and the lack of relationship activity.

Many reports associate him with Zendaya. Zendaya and Roach initially collaborated in the 2010s. Zendaya remained the Disney Channel queen, and Roach was her father, Kazembe Coleman’s manager and acquaintance.

About Law Roach Partner

Law Roach’s Wiki:

Chicago, the city of Law Roach’s birth, was also the site of his vintage trading debut. He launched his boutique in New York City shortly after moving there. He popularly known for styling many celebrities for many events, including Met Gala 2021.

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Real name Law Roach
Profession Fashion Stylist
Nationality American
Retirement year 2023
Relationship status Single
Partner Undisclosed

Biography And Law Roach Partner:

Biography And Law Roach Partner

People are often excited to learn what Roach and Zendaya create for the upcoming Met Gala. Their collaboration and relationship have always been a heated topic on many social media platforms.

When she appeared on Live with Mark and Kelly in 2019, Zendaya discussed returning to the Met Gala after a break from 2019. She is co-chairing the event 2024 with Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Lopez, and Bad Bunny. 

Kelly Ripa recently remarked that stylists must “combat to the grave” to dress Zendaya for the celebrity-filled occasion. Zendaya retorted that they would need to discuss things with Roach, her stylist.

Law Roach’s Age:

The 45-year-old Roach Law is the American celebrity stylist. He has created unique looks for several leading personalities. He unexpected retirement in 2023 shocked the fashion world.

But it wasn’t just that the celebrity stylist was relaxing about. His retirement news has catapulted him into the public eye, and he’s revealed that, despite his retirement from celebrity styling, Law is still involved in the fashion industry.

Law Roach’s Net worth:

2024 1 to 5 million US dollars
2023 1.4 million US dollars
2022 1 to 1.4 million US dollars

Interesting facts about Law Roach:

  • Law’s love life came under scrutiny, as did his work shifts. 
  • Law responded when asked about his “ideal partner” during a recent interview.
  • He said it would seem depressing that he didn’t believe he was born to experience relationships or passionate love.
  • Law hopes to engage in interior design, and Prince is the sole famous person he thinks he could style.


The celebrity stylist Law Roach, was in the limelight after he opened up about his private relationships. He mentioned that he does not believe in making relationships and thinks that he was born to do other crucial things in life. Click Here

People often associate Zendaya with her stylist and title her as Law Roach Partner, yet they are not romantically involved. Their relationship is related to the fashion and style industry. Stay tuned as we add more exciting information about Law Roach and his partner.

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