Oscar de la Hoya Record: Oscar de la Hoya Age & Wife 2024!

Let us know all the facts associated with Oscar de la Hoya Record and what accolades and achievements have made this professional come to the spotlight. 

This post highlights Oscar de la Hoya Record to give a brief overview of the professional’s achievements and accolades.


  • Oscar de la Hoya became professional boxer and made headlines in the United States, Mexico, Australia, Canada, and other places after the Olympics since his record captivated the attention of the athlete world.
  • Oscar de la Hoya Record has 39 wins with only six defeats during his professional journey, while his thirty wins were through knockout.  
  • He founded Golden Boy Promotions, a boxing promotion company, in 2002 and got the stage name The Golden Boy since then.

Oscar de la Hoya Record:

Oscar de la Hoya had many rewards and achievements during his professional athlete career. His wins and victories are more significant than his losses. The losses are only six, while the wins are 39. He also worked in the music and fashion businesses.

About Detail Oscar de la Hoya Record

His 1992 gold medal in the Barcelona, Spain, Olympic games titled him The Golden Boy. His entire career also included ten world titles that he grabbed in six various weight classes. He also owns the organization The Golden Boy Promotions, which supports low-income families in his former East Los Angeles neighborhood. This firm also manages the Oscar De La Hoya Foundation.

He announced his retirement twice. Once it was and announced later in 2020 that he would comeback. He retired again in 2022.

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Oscar de la Hoya Wiki:

Real name Oscar de la Hoya
Age 51 years
Place of birth California, Los Angeles, USA
Born date and year February 4, 1973
Current residence California, Los Angeles, USA
Division Welter
Stage name The Golden Boy
Nationality American Mexican
Height 180 cm (5”11”)
Stance Orthodox
Marital status Married
Spouse Millie Corretjer (from 2001 to 2016)
Kids Six
Rounds 308
Total fights 45
Wins 39
Losses Six
Wins by KO 30

Oscar de la Hoya Age:

Oscar de la Hoya is 51 years old and was brought up in California, Los Angeles, the American region. His grandfather and father were Mexico’s professional boxers. At the age of six, he started boxing training and quickly advanced to the amateur (unpaid) ranks after becoming a proficient boxer.

In the 119-pound weight class, he won the 1988 National Junior Olympics. In the 119-pound class, he grabbed the 1989 National Golden Gloves championship. 

Oscar de la Hoya Wife:

Oscar de la Hoya Wife

Oscar’s wife was Millie Corretjer, and they were connected till 2016. De la Hoya wedded Corretjer Millie on October 5, 2001, and has three kids. He also had previous relationships and has two sons from those connections. His current relationship is with Holly Sonders.

He mentions his completeness when asked about his present girlfriend, Sonders. He met Sonders initially in 2021 when she interviewed De la Hoya during a boxing match. Sonders working with the broadcasting was special to her since she had just joined it. Earlier, she was Golf Channel’s leading reporter.

However, he mentioned that he cannot think of being in the ring presently and had retired in 2022 for the second time.


Oscar de la Hoya’s achievements made his many followers hunt for his record. His losses are six, while the wins are 39, which he achieved in his boxing career. His gold medal gave him the title “The Golden Boy.”

Oscar retired from boxing in 2022 and is romantically connected with Holly Sonders his spouse is Millie, and his present girlfriend is Holly Sonders Click here. Olympic game wins gave him a massive spotlight and popularity in the athlete world.

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