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Serwaa Amihere Lake Video: Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube In 2024!

The facts enclosed show the apologies made by the prominent media personality who made the statement after someone leaked the Serwaa Amihere Lake Video online.

This guide highlights the statements recently made by the media personality who got embarrassed after her leaked Serwaa Amihere Lake Video was publicly shared.


  • Serwaa Amihere apologized after she was embarrassed by the video that exposed her intimate activity.
  • She felt apologetic for the shame that video exposure brought to her known ones and family members. 
  • Amiere released a statement of apology on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, shocking people from Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, and many other global places for how the video exposed the popular media personality online. 
  • Serwaa Amihere Lake Video shows her with a male, whom the online sources could identify as Henry Fitz. It also shows the media personality in bed with Fitz, which embarrasses her greatly.

Serwaa Amihere Lake Video:

Servaa Amiere caught public attention after she released a statement expressing her apologies for the leaked video clip. Someone shared Amihere’s intimate video clip on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, on public networks. 

About Serwaa Amihere Lake Video

It occurred approximately five months after extortion and threats, as well as police attempts to hold the perpetrators of extortion accountable. She stated that someone picturized the video five years ago and publicly released the content in the first week of this month.

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Quick wiki of Serwaa Amiere:

Real name Servaa Amihere
Citizenship Ghanian
Age 34 years
Birth date and year March 8, 1990
Profession News presenter, media personality, broadcast journalist
Education Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, Methodist University College Ghana, and Yaa Asantewaa Secondary School
Organizations Serwaamihere Foundation and GHOne TV
Employer Flora Tissues, AMOR Contraceptive, and EIB Network

She received many honors, which are as follows:

  • National Communication Awards in 2020 for TV Personality of the Year
  • Radio and Television Personality Awards in 2019 and 2020 for Female TV Newscaster of the Year
  • Golden Movie Awards in 2018 for Producer of the Year 
  • Advance Media – (Nominated) in 2018 for the Most Influential Young Media Personality 
  • Television Personality Awards in 2018 for the Best TV Female News Anchor at Radio 

Is Serwaa’s video seen through Reddit, Tiktok, and Instagram?

Serwaa’s leaked video was shared through all the channels. Her leaked video embarrassed her employees and employers while harassing her family members. The anger expressed is seen through media sources and many web platforms. She also felt embarrassed since the people motivated by her felt ashamed. 

Is Serwaa’s video seen through Reddit

What did people share about Amihere through Youtube, Telegram, and Twitter?

People recently expressed shock after watching Amihere’s leaked video. The video shown on public networks on April 2 was shocking since it exposed AMihere in bed with a male named Henry Fitz. The leaked content defamed Amihere’s identity since she is a renowned media personality.

The channels and web networks that exposed Anihere’s video have now taken down the content due to the individual’s privacy concerns. 


Amihere’s recent video clip was shocking as they were motivated by being famous and influential media personalities. The video made the media personality make a public statement.

She added her apologies in the recently announced statement that she felt embarrassed that her video, made five years ago, was publicly seen. She also felt terrible for embarrassing her loved ones and family members due to the shared intimate content Click Here.

She shared her sincere apologies across many channels, and the content that exposed her inappropriate scenes was unavailable. Stay tuned as we may highlight more insights into the Serwaa Amihere Lake Video shortly.

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