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Write For Us Photography Guest Post: Useful Guidance On How To Write A Guest Post Article!

The article explains how to write the Write for Us Photography Guest Post that is reader-friendly and includes advice on SEO practises. 

Are you the type of person who loves photography? Do you believe that photography can freeze live moments and help us revive our memories in the future, making it an important part of human life? Then a photography lover like you is needed to take this Write for Us Photography Guest Post blogging opportunity to the next level. Who doesn’t like taking photos? 

About our website “darelmedina.com”

Our website is known for its well-organised and authentic content for our valuable Photography + Write for Us readers, and our contents are not only about the latest news, entrepreneurs, industry, crypto, legal, education, and health, but we will also discuss slice-of-life topics like photography, home, and gardening, etc.

Thus, our website is for everyone under the sky, and this type of approach has helped us attract more readers from all over the world

Write for Us Photography articles Preferred Educational Qualifications and Experience

Photography is an art that needs to be mastered to capture the heartwarming moments of nature, wildlife, and humans. So, it needs some skills and techniques to make them livelier, and this guest blogging opportunity will be explaining about that in detail; so, we need professionals and photography enthusiasts to take over this “Write for Us” + Photography opportunity, and here it goes,

Professionals: Wedding Photographers, Event photographers, product photographers, fine art photographers, fashion photographers, architectural photographers, travel photographers, advertising photographers, documentary photographers, stock photographers, aerial photographers, commercial and industrial photographers, abstract photographers, adventure photographers, and other similar associated professionals can also make this attempt.

Experience: Working in photography field for 1–2 years is essential.

Skills set: Writers must have excellent photography skills in addition to their writing skills.

Write for Us + Photography Reference topics

There are many types of photography in the field; if writers have difficulties choosing the correct topic, they can select the trending ones. Presently, maternity shoots and newborn baby photoshoots are trending globally, so writers must pick accordingly, or they can select one from the mentioned “Write for Us” + “Photography” topics list.

  • What are the major types of photography? List of newly emerging photography types?
  • How can we take professional photos from our mobile phones and enhance their photography effects?
  • What are the skills to be learned for taking maternity and newborn photos?
  • What professional courses can be taken to become a successful photographer?
  • The reality of today’s photography

Photography Write for Us articles Guidelines and Formatting Guidelines

  • Word limit: 500 to 1500 words
  • The article has to be filled with colourful images and text (no, that doesn’t mean the text should be written in different colours; it should be written in a tone that sounds so colourful and appealing).
  • Writers can upload their photos along with their articles, but there are chances that other people might download your images. We can only protect the Write for Us+ Photography content and not the images. So, if it is a copywritten image, please don’t share it.
  • The article must be written in professional English without syntax or vocabulary errors.
  • The required grammar score is 99 or higher.
  • Our lens will not capture any plagiarised shots! Our team is strictly against plagiarism, so kindly share your unique writing style on our platform.

“Write for Us” + Photography articles SEO guidelines

  • After selecting the topic, the essential thing to do is research for the apt keywords.
  • And after understanding the needs of the keywords, they have to be placed between the sentences, and they should look like real sentences; they can’t be stuffed randomly.
  • For a 600-word article, writers should insert atleast 5 to 6 keywords.

Benefits to the Photography + “Write for Us” writers

  • We have guarded our website with the help of DMCA technology, so with us, every writer’s work will be protected.

Photography “Write for Us” Submission rules

The works written in MS Word or Google Documents must be sent to us via this email address [[email protected]].


Thus, the article has explained how to create an excellent photography article. We guarantee that if the writers submit their Write for Us Photography Guest Post works to our platform, even their faces will be filled with happiness and a proud feeling while seeing our Photography readers support.

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