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Write for Us Football Guest Post: Details Every Content Contributor Must Be Aware Of Are Below!

Have you been searching for a profitable Write for Us Football Guest Post opportunity for career benefit? Follow the instructions below for more. 

Are you finding ways to enter our portal, Darelmedina.com, and pitch premium articles? Do you know what precautions we follow to make our content reach higher? If you want to join us, you should learn more guidance below. 

Therefore, this guide will help you apply and Write for Us Football Guest Post articles. So, if you are curious about the position, reading this guide until the end is advised. 

What Is Darelmedina.com? 

Darelmedina.com is a fresh and informational articles-providing platform with tons of updated content. Moreover, our digital websites inform readers of trendy topics like gaming articles, shopping ideas, website reviews, cryptocurrency updates, etc. Since our website serves high-quality content, we gained massive traffic and need Football + Write for Us contributors to write unique articles. 

A Quick Summary Of Our Write for Us Football Offer

We are open to and receiving applications from efficient content contributors willing to write high-quality content on Football. Importantly, this writing position needs the contributors updated with our rules, application process, benefits, etc. So, the underlying passages will guide you accordingly, so don’t forget to learn them religiously to be on our team. 

Guidelines That Write for Us + Football Contributors Must Know

Darelmedina.com strictly follows and urges every contributor to learn our rules, especially the guidelines. So, if you are dedicated to knowing them before contacting our team, you should carefully scroll and read below. 

  • Duplicity is not accepted by our team by any means. So, please create original articles with a 0% plagiarism rate.
  • We want contributors to give “Write for Us”+Football articles with a good readability score above 70%, addressing that the writing is simple and easy to read.
  • Our team desires to receive articles with no grammatical or spelling issues and should be submitted after scoring above 98+ in Grammarly. 
  • Active voices are good to have within articles as they elevate readability and exposure. 
  • Our team usually accepts “Write for Us” + “Football” articles with under 3% spam score of the outbound links.
  • The contributors must give engaging external and internal links belonging to a valid origin. 
  • Darelmedina.com encourages content explaining the focus keyword properly and as the hierarchy advises. 
  • The content must have a decent word count of 1000, partitioned with headings, and bullet points, wherever required.
  • Unbiased Write for Us+Football content will only be accepted by our team for publication, so don’t use aggressive sentences about anyone that could turn the article controversial. 
  • Our team will approve the writing only if the images provided are taken from an authentic, high-quality source and support your views.

All above were our crucial guidelines with which we want every content contributor to align their content. 

What Football Write for Us Contributors Will Get For Pitching? 

Content contributors presenting original writings to us will always get appreciation, but we provide several advantages for presenting high-end articles to us, including: 

  • Continuous and quick response and guidance with content writing tricks. 
  • Daily increment of knowledge with updated articles on different trendy topics.
  • Position offerings by our team, depending on the work quality and flow. 

Some Common “Write for Us” + Football Topics To Refer 

If you liked our opportunity and the benefits, you can apply and show your work skills by sharing a fresh sample article. For the test article, you can consider any Football-related topics, like: 

  • Recent Football Event Summary.
  • Football Personality Biography.
  • Current Football Industry Trends.
  • Your Recommendations And Experience On Football. 
  • History And Emergence Of The Football Industry. 

How Football + “Write for Us” Contributors Can Apply To Us? 

Before applying to us, you should have been updated with all the information until now. Fortunately, if you have already agreed to maintain the guidelines, you should attach your sample work and send it to EMAIL [[email protected]]. Soon your article will reach our team, and they will review it and provide you with confirmation within a few days.


Using this Football “Write for Us guide, we hope you are ready to pitch content for Darelmedina.com. If yes, you can reach us and do the needful as instructed. Refer here to gain the latest information on Football

In the comment section, you can register your views on our writing position/offer. 

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