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Prajakt Tanpure Wife 2024: Know the trending details. 

The post about Prajakt Tanpure Wife will give you details’s in the latest tweet published by his wife. 

Prajakt Tanpure Wife

Do you know Prajakt Tanpure’s wife? Do you know why she is trending? Prajakt Tanpure Wife is trending on various social media platforms.

Prajakt Tanpure is a politician from India. The news of Prajakt Tanpure’s wife has been spreading in several countries such as India and the United States. As the Pune accident case is going on, Prajakt Tanpure’s wife has given some statements about the boys linked to the case. 

His wife stated that the boys towards ill behavior towards her son was also in the school because she had to change school. The latter said this through a Twitter post.

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Prajakt Tanpure Twitter

Prajakt Tanpure’s wife, Sonali Tanpure, had recently posted a tweet on Twitter in which she stated that a boy who had been to the Pune road accident used to study in the same class as her son. During that time, her son had suffered a lot because of some of such boys. She had complained about them to their parents. But even after complaining to their parents, no action was taken to alter their behavior. 

The bad effects of those incidents are still in the mind of her son. She added that if those bad tendencies had been noticed earlier, such a horrific crime might not have happened. She concluded the post by writing that an innocent, educated woman died due to the accident. The families of the victims must get justice. 

Sonali has not named any specific person related to the incident. Several people came in support of Prajakt Tanpure’s wife and even told her that she would take strict action then. She demanded justice for the victims of the Pune accident case which several people attended. The victims were killed by a 17-year-old boy who killed two people by speeding his Porsche. 

Prajakt Tanpure Family

Prajakt Tanpure is a former minister of Maharashtra. In 2019, he was elected as the member of the 14th legislative assembly of Maharashtra. Prajakt took birth on 13 September 1976 in Ahmednagar district. 

He belongs to the Nationalist Congress party.  Prajakt Tanpure got married to Sonali Prajakt Tanpure. His father is Prasad Tanpure. We did not find details about her mother. Prajakt and Prasad have a son about whom she told in her tweet. Further, there are no details about the family of Prajakt Tanpure. 

What is the Pune Accident?

A few days back, a 17-year-old teenager hit two motorcycles that led to the death of two people. As per the online reports, the teenager who was driving the car was drunk. He went to a pub where he spent 48000 rs in 90 minutes. 

Moreover, the people who provided drink to the teenager have also been arrested. The teenager is the son of a real estate developer. According to reports, the father has been detained by the police. The police have also arrested owner and manager Prahlad Bhutda and Sachin Katkar. The manager of Hotel Blak, Sandip Sangle, was also arrested. 


Wrapping up this article on Prajakt Tanpure Wife, Prajakt’s wife Sonali has posted a tweet on Twitter in which she stated that her son had suffered a lot because of the boys involved in the Pune road accident case. You can visit this link to learn more details on Prajakt Tanpure.

Disclaimer: We have gathered the information mentioned in this post from trusted online sources.

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