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Is Hajia4Reall Arrested? (may 2023) Who is Hajia4Reall?

Is Hajia4Reall Arrested? Remain tuned to study the force to be reckoned with’s supposed capture and investigate the universe of Hajia4Reall and dig into the existence of this multi-layered character.

Is Hajia4Reall Captured?

Famous Ghanaian powerhouse Mona Faiz Montrage, otherwise called Is Hajia4Reall Arrested, has been charged for her supposed contribution in a $2 million sentiment trick by US specialists. Teaming up with their UK partners, US security specialists have attempted to remove Hajia4Reall from the Assembled Realm to the US.

Hajia4Reall was captured on November 10, 2022, and hence removed from the UK on May 12, 2023. As per US Lawyer Damian Williams, Mona is accepted to be an individual from a criminal scheme that explicitly designated more established Americans through sentiment tricks.

Who is Hajia4Reall?

Mona Faiz Montrage, generally perceived by her stage name Mona Is Hajia4Reall Arrested, is a noticeable Ghanaian figure referred to for her jobs as a socialite, model, performer, and money manager. In July 2017, Mona 4Reall uncovered her ladies’ beauty care products brand, named 4Real Excellence, which acquired significant consideration and achievement. Furthermore, she is the owner of an occasion and diversion organization situated in New York. The organization works in coordinating occasions, creating media content, and overseeing ability.

Nonetheless, ongoing advancements have prompted Mona’s removal from the Assembled Realm to the US. Government examiners have blamed her for taking part in an underhanded “desolate hearts” trick that designated more established, single people, the two men, and ladies, bringing about the claimed cheating of more than $2 million. On Monday, Mona Faiz Montrage, presently 30 years of age, showed up at the Manhattan government court to have to deal with penalties connected with her contribution in a progression of sentiment conspires that explicitly designated old people living alone.

Proof Against Hajia4Reall

Hajia4Reall has been blamed for getting assets from different casualties of sentiment tricks who were beguiled into sending cash. The undertaking being referred to utilized different deceptive motivations to persuade casualties to move assets to Montrage.

These deceptive motivations included claims that the cash was expected to move gold from abroad to the US, resolve a FBI joblessness examination, and help an imaginary US Armed force official in getting assets from Afghanistan.

As per court records, Hajia4Reall utilized her genuine name while speaking with one of the people in question. She took part in a few telephone discussions with the person in question and, surprisingly, gave an ancestral marriage endorsement, purportedly exhibiting that she and the casualty were hitched in Ghana.

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