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Bernard Hopkins Religion: Full Biography With Age, Boxrec & Parents

The article highlights the details of Bernard Hopkins Religion, Boxrec, Haney, his Wiki, Biography, Age, and Parents.

Bernard Hopkins is an American professional boxer known for his excellent speed and power. People from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Germany are curious to find details about the recent religious war that gathered LimeLight after he commented on Haney. 

Bernard Hopkins sparked religious controversy after he made some remarks about Devin Haney at the end of a match. Ryan Garcia and Haney were fighting against each other and had many public opinions. They settled the differences in the ring itself, but Hopkins escalated the matter to a different level with his controversial remarks. 

Ryan Garcia won the match, and as all the cameras focused on him in the video, we can find Hawkins provoking Haney’s dad and trainer with religious remarks and their Islamic beliefs. The intention behind the whole controversy is unknown at this point. 

Bernard Hopkins Religion

Bernard Hopkins is himself a Muslim, and he has converted to Islam recently. Hence, the viewers were shocked and confused about his intentions to mock them based on the Islamic belief he also followed. You also tried to stop Ryan’s father from shaking hands with Haney’s trainer. 

About Bernard Hopkins Religion
About Bernard Hopkins Religion

Devin Haney is a Muslim, and several questions were raised against him when it came to light that he was not fasting during the holy month of Ramadan and he was training for the fight against Garcia. But he let down all the criticism and defended himself. The religious spat has become a topic of discussion among people. 

It has become a huge topic after the religious remarks, and people still criticize him. They have flooded social media with mean comments and asked him to apologize for his behaviour. The insult was wild enough, and he crossed the line by mocking the Islamic religion. 

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Bernard Hopkins Wiki

Here’s the Wikipedia details of Bernard Hopkins:

Full Name Bernard Hopkins
Birth date 15 January 1965
Place of birth Philadelphia 
Age  59 years
Profession  Former Boxer
Marital status Married 
Spouse name Jeanette Hopkins
Religion  Muslim
Nationality  American 

Bernard Hopkins Biography

Bernard Hopkins Biography
Bernard Hopkins Biography

Bernard Hawkins has been among the most famous professional boxers for the past three decades. He was born in 1965 and competed in the boxing championship from 1988 to 2016. He is also considered one of the most successful boxers and has won many world championships. He became the first world champion in 1995. 

He is also known as the executioner and the alien. The names are given for his ability to compete at an advanced age. He was known for his strategy and defensive techniques in boxing and had good speed and power along with all his boxing skills. He is a seasoned boxer and became a minority partner collaborating with the Golden Boy promotions. 

Hopkins joined the boxing career in 1988 in New Jersey. He started his career as a middleweight after he went for a 16-month layoff. He was also a part of the 2001 middleweight tournament in which he became a champion. He had a fantastic boxing career, but the recent comments have brought down the reputation that he earned. 

Bernard Hopkins Age

Bernard Hopkins Age
Bernard Hopkins Age

Bernard Hopkins is 59 years of age at present and has recently gathered attention due to his religious comments against one of the boxers named Devin Haney. The entire fight was caught on camera, and according to public opinion, the professional boxer did not show his sportsmanship spirit. 

Bernard Hopkins has an estimated net worth of 40 million dollars and is an investor with the Golden Boy Promotions after he left boxing. He recently fought his last fight a week ago, in which, unfortunately, he lost, but in the past 30 years, he has not lost a fight and has won many world championships. 

Bernard Hopkins has also worked as an actor and played various roles in films such as Blood on the Streets and Street, released in 2005. The professional boxer has been married since 1993, and the couple has one child. He retired at the age of 51 years. He is seen along with his wife in various award functions. 

Bernard Hopkins Parents

Bernard Hopkins was born to Bernard Hopkins Sr and Shirley in Philadelphia. Hawkins was into crimes at an early age, and he was stabbed three times; he mugged people, and at the age of 17 years, he was sentenced to 18 years of imprisonment. While he was in prison, he saw the murder of another inmate who died over an argument for a packet of cigarettes. 

While he was in prison, he discovered his passion for boxing, and after five years of imprisonment, he was released. His love had led him to practice boxing, and she used the sport as an escape from his previous life. It was during that time that he converted to Islam. 

While living in prison, the warden asked him about when he would see him again back there, to which he replied that he would never return to that place again. With all his passion and discipline, He started working to fulfil his football dream, which he later achieved. 

Bernard Hopkins and Devin Haney Fight

Bernard Hopkins and Devin Haney’s mutual spat is known by people all across the world at present. The entire argument was captured in a camera, and there is no light behind the fact that Bernard had made controversial religious remarks while he made some mean gestures towards Haney after he lost the match. 

The video was spread on all social media channels, including Instagram and Twitter. People got so offended by Bernard’s behaviour that they backlash him for his behaviour and the gestures towards Haney. The interesting fact is that he is a Muslim, and he mocked Haney for no reason. 

People eager to find the video details can visit social media to see the video clip. Also, we request that people not spread any fake information or reason behind Bernard’s behaviour. 

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