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Ata Emre Akman Cinayeti- Murder details of the University Student!

The article informs about Ata Emre Akman Cinayeti, the viral murder Video, his Babası, and his Katili. 


  • Ata Emre Akman has been murdered brutally in Balikesir, and the images of the university student are circulating online. 
  • The brutal killing has shocked the people of Türkiye, and they wish to know the complete details of the viral video that is said to be captured and circulating on social media platforms. 
  • The details of Ata Emre Akman Cinayeti are provided in the sections below, as well as his family and relationship status. 
  • Ata Emre Akman was a university student in the faculty of the tourism department and also worked in a restaurant. 

Ata Emre Akman Cinayeti

The brutal murder of the 20-year-old boy Ata Emre Akman has shaken the people who came across the viral news. The reason behind his brutal murder is not revealed, but his details show that he worked as a courier boy in a restaurant and was also a student in the faculty of tourism. 

About Ata Emre Akman Cinayeti

The 20-year-old student was killed by a 17-year-old boy who stabbed him to death. A week ago he went on a holiday with his family and his girlfriend. The incident happened on 11th May 2024. Ata Emre was stabbed brutally in several parts of his body, and he was covered in blood. 

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Ata Emre Akman Video

The video of the entire incident was captured on a CCTV camera that was present on Emir Street, where the incident took place. After the murderer, E.O. stabbed him, he escaped from the place, and people noticed Akman bleeding to death. He was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. 

The Ata Emre Akman Cinayeti video is not available on social media platforms due to the sensitive content that is present. Akman was stopped by the 17-year-old boy for no reason while he was returning after delivering his courier and was stabbed brutally. There has been no reason given by the police officials yet, and the investigation is being carried out. 

Ata Emre Akman Babası

Ata Emre Akman Babası

After the news of Akman’s death reached his family, they could not control their emotions, and they said that they could not protect their son. His father is profoundly shattered and grieving over his son’s death and demanding strict action against the murderer who committed the crime. The 17-year-old boy has six criminal records from his past. 

Akman’s father was in the army, and he said that in his 40 years, he did not let any of his soldiers get hurt, but unfortunately, he could not protect his son. If further mention that there were more than 25000 soldiers who passed through his hands, and they did not suffer a nosebleed even. 

Ata Emre Akman Katili

The murderer of Akman has been caught, and all investigations found that he has 6 previous criminal records. However, the reason why he killed the university student is unknown. The entire incident was captured on a CCTV camera, and the murderer was identified from the images. The 17-year-old boy was helped by his father to hide, but he was taken under custody, and his father was sent to investigate. 

Several images and videos of Akman were released online from his holiday trip with his family and girlfriend. People who wish to know more details on the tragic incident can find the related news online.

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